COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Jefferson Board of Health expanded the County-wide Phase 2 re-opening by authorizing overnight camping throughout Jefferson County. (This was previously conditioned to regionally coincide with neighboring Clallam County.)

Recommendation for Jefferson County’s Phase 3 re-opening was sent to the Board of County Commissioners for approval, prior to application to the state.

Countywide enforcement of mandatory masking directive for customers and employees in all businesses including food service, remains in place, with penalties for non-compliance.

JeffCoCares encourages that all:

Customers, Clients, Shoppers, Residents, & Visitors We Pledge:
To educate ourselves about “best practices” for a safe and healthy economic recovery – posted along with this pledge in all participating businesses.
To respect businesses, workers, and community guidelines for health and wellness.
To wear masks, maintain social distancing, and wash our hands often.
To treat each other kindly and without judgement.


Finally – Practice these 3-P’s when visiting the Olympic Peninsula: